How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpets are very pretty to look at. They give your home a complete look. But it is very troubling when they get dirty. Cleaning those huge carpets is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. And the second one is waiting for them to dry. Moreover, finding out an appropriate carpet cleaning method is also very troublesome. To find out the best method of carpet cleaning for your carpet, you should know all the features of each carpet cleaning method. And then decide on a carpet cleaning process according to the fabric of your carpet.

Figure Out The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Your Carpet

Here is a list of all the carpet cleaning methods with their pros and cons. Let’s study their features before trying them on your carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

If you have a lot of stubborn stains on your carpet then carpet shampooing is an ideal option. It involves rinsing your carpet thoroughly. Although, carpet shampooing consists of using a lot of water because of which takes a lot of time in drying. So, if you need your carpet back sooner than carpet shampooing is not the method you should opt for. Moreover, the residue of shampoos and detergent can make your carpet dirty again soon after shampooing.

Hot Water Extraction

If you are allergic to chemical-infused products then hot water extraction is an appropriate option for you. Hot water extraction involves using steam to clean the carpet. Moreover, it also removes germs, bacteria, and other allergens from your carpet. Although, it is not that effective on stubborn stains. You will have to treat those stains separately because hot water extraction will not clear them completely. Also, the advantage of hot water extraction is it takes a lesser amount of drying time than carpet shampooing.

Bonnet Cleaning

If your carpet is not that deeply dirty and you need a light carpet cleaning then you should consider bonnet carpet cleaning. Bonnet carpet cleaning only cleans the outer surface of your carpet. So, if your carpet is deeply dirty and needs thorough cleaning then bonnet cleaning is not the right choice for you. The pros of bonnet carping are that it is affordable and a faster option. It will make your carpet look clean although it will not clean all the dirt from your carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you have heavy traffic on your carpet and you need to get a clean carpet as soon as possible then you should opt for carpet dry cleaning. Carpet dry cleaning is the fastest possible method to get a clean carpet which you can use immediately after the cleaning. However, carpet dry cleaning involves the usage of a lot of products that may consist of chemicals. So, if you are allergic to chemical substances you should avoid the dry cleaning method for your carpet. Also, these chemicals can leave an odour on your carpet which can be pungent.

Now, that you know about all the types of carpet cleaning methods. You can easily choose an ideal carpet cleaning method according to your preference.

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